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History of the Chamber

Throughout its history, the Chamber’s mission has been to enlighten public officials regarding the concerns of the private sector, including the consolidation of city and town government in 1922, the Sesquicentennial Celebration in 1956 and continued support for the city manager form of government.

Transportation issues have been a traditional concern beginning with the building of an electric tramway between Meriden and Lake Compounce to expanded highway service in central Connecticut with Route 691. Economic Development has also been a continual theme with the creation of the Meriden Industrial Development Corporation in 1959, partnership with the Meriden Economic Development Corporation and involvement in the Downtown StakeHolders committee.

The Midstate Chamber of Commerce Through the Years:

  • 1896: Initially formed as a board of trade as established by the Court of Common Council
  • 1902: Incorporated
  • 1908: United with the Meriden Business Men’s Association
  • 1915: Became known as the Meriden Chamber of Commerce
  • 1957: Renamed The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce
  • 1996: Celebrated its 100th anniversary with its many centennial members
  • 2014: Became known as the Midstate Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
  • 2019:  Formed the Nutmeg State Chamber Alliance with partner, Hamden Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • 2021: Celebrates its 125th year serving businesses, organizations and communities in central Connecticut as Midstate Chamber of Commerce

Today we are actively involved with economic development and workforce development as well as business attraction, business growth and business retention. We have expanded with more than 35% of our 585 members from the communities neighboring Meriden. That's why we are called the Midstate Chamber of Commerce. We believe that there is an economy in central Connecticut that is not New Haven OR Hartford...it is BOTH New Haven and Hartford...and beyond! We serve and promote all of our member businesses and their communities.