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About Wallingford, CT

Wallingford, CT SealThe town of Wallingford was established on May 12, 1670. In the 1800s, Wallingford’s industry expanded primarily with small pewter and Britannia ware manufacturers. By mid-century, Robert Wallace acquired the formula for nickel silver and, with Samuel Simpson, established R. Wallace & Company, the forerunner of Wallace Silversmiths.

Later during this period, many of the small silver and Britannia plants combined to form the International Silver Company with its headquarters in Meriden and several plants in Wallingford. Wallingford covers 39.8 square miles and is the 23rd most populous community of Connecticut’s 169 cities and towns.

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Essential Information & Contacts:

  • Town Hall: 45 South Main St., Wallingford
  • Population: 44,964
  • Form of Government: Mayor/Council (chartered in 1962)
  • Town Website: www.wallingfordct.gov
  • Mayor: Vincent Cervoni, 203.294.2070
  • Town Council Office: Joseph Marrone, Chairman, 203.640.6972
  • Town Clerk’s Office: Kristen Panzo, Town Clerk, 203.294.2145
  • Economic Development Department: Don Crouch, Economic Development Specialist, 203.294.2062
  • Police Department: John Ventura, Chief, 203.294.2828
  • Fire Services: Joseph Czentnar, Chief, 203.294.2730 (non-emergency)
  • Electric Division: Jake Arborio, General Manager, 203.294.2265
  • Gas Company: Eversource, 800.989.0900
  • Wallingford Housing Authority: 45 Tremper Dr., 203.269.5173
  • Cable Companies: Comcast by Xfinity: 1.866.942.1341; Frontier: 877.678.7705
  • Board of Education: https://www.wallingford.k12.ct.us/
  • Wallingford Public Library: 200 N. Main St., 203.265.6754, www.wallingford.lioninc.org
  • Wallingford Senior Center: William Viola, Jr., Director, 238 Washington St., 203.265-7753, www.wlfdseniorctr.com/

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