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About Meriden, CT

Meriden, CT SealThe town of Meriden was founded in May 1806 and then became a City in June 1867. Meriden was originally part of Wallingford. In 1727 it was granted a separate meetinghouse. It was named for the town of Meriden, West Midlands, England or myth has it that it was names after the Merry Den Tavern that was located near present-day Route 5.

Meriden covers 24.1 square miles with several prominent peaks surrounding the city. The oldest house still standing is the Solomon Goffe house built in 1711. In the 1800s Meriden earned the nickname “Silver City” due to the large number of cutlery and related products which were manufactured here by several companies including International Silver and Meriden Cutlery.

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Essential Information & Contacts:

  • City Hall: 142 E. Main St., Meriden
  • Population: 62,875
  • Form of Government: City Council / City Manager
  • City Website: www.meridenct.gov
  • City Manager: (Acting) Emily Holland, 203.630.4123
  • Mayor: Kevin Scarpati (U), 203.630.4125
  • City Council Office: 203.630.4125
  • City Clerk: Michael Cardona, 203.630.4030
  • Economic Development Department: Joseph Feest, Director, 203.630.4152
  • Police Department: Chief Roberto Rosado, 203.238.1911
  • Fire Department: Chief Ken Morgan, 203.630.5868
  • Parks & Recreation: Christian Bourdon, Director, 203.630.4259
  • Electric Utility: Eversource, 800.286.2000
  • Gas Company: Eversource, 800.989.0900
  • Meriden Housing Authority: 203.235.0157
  • Cable Companies: Frontier: 888.237.0588; Cox: 877.206.4210
  • Board of Education: Superintendent Mark D. Benigni, 22 Liberty St., 203.630.4171
  • Meriden Public Library: Becky Starr, Director, 105 Miller St., 203.238.2347
  • Max E. Muravnick Senior Center: Richard Liegl, Director, 22-26 W. Main St., 203.237.0066

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