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Interested in Living in the Area?

Why does the Midstate Chamber of Commerce care about housing? We believe that housing is the foundation (pun intended!) for quality of life. It is where our employees live, where our teachers live, and where we ALL live. We live near our schools, shopping, places or worship and near where we recreate. And in this area, there are lots of options!

The Chamber was fortunate to have received a grant through the James H. Napier Foundation to help us better understand the housing opportunities and needs in our community. Through this process, we have developed this web page to best connect resources and individuals. Housing must be affordable and that’s one of the area’s advantages...we are significantly less expensive than Hartford and New Haven with excellent access to these large cities. In addition, connectivity will be greatly improved with new commuter rail service, “The Hartford Line,” beginning in January of 2018. You can live, learn, work and play in the vibrant city with the comfortable small town feel.

We have prepared this page with a variety of links to local resources. Please check back here often as the programs are constantly changing. We want you to be the most informed when you want to consider the Meriden area for your next home!

Interested in Learning About Programs & Resources for Residential Properties?

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