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Health & Wellness Initiatives

We offer wellness programs to small businesses through partnerships, like that below with BlueBack Health, to engage your employees in health initiatives!


This program ended at the end of June 2023, but stay posted for our next wellness challenge! 

It's time for Moving Day...let's build a team and do this challenge together! Why Wellness? There is no double that the last year has taken a toll on everyone's health- physically and mentally. The need for healthy habits, consistency, and connection is crucial now more than ever. That's why the Chamber Wellness Challenge can help you and your family work on individual wellbeing goals, while being a part of something greater. Let's do this together!

As a Connecticut Chamber member, you can join the 2023 Chamber Wellness Challenge to support your community, engage with other chamber members, and focus on your health! This program offers several challenges to encourage participants to walk daily, reach individual milestones, and work as a team to accomplish goals!

There are two options to sign up:

Employers: Are you a small business that might be looking for a wellness program? This challenge is a perfect opportunity for you to start down that path in 2023! Sign up your organization here!

Individuals: Join our team here (choose Midstate at sign up) and walk your way to a healthier you in 2023! ($40 per person plus tax). You don't have to be a Chamber member to take advantage of this fun challenge! Once your account is set up, you can invite your family to join under your account as well (no need to sign them up separately!).

Challenge Information

The program allocates points to each challenge for how many steps you complete:

The Moving Day Challenge rewards each participant with one Chamber Point for each they walk at least 5,000 steps. After 91 days, the chamber with the highest average number of points per participant will win the CWC Trophy. The top three Chambers will earn donations to their Charity of Choice (ours is United Way of Meriden-Wallingford!)

There is an individual challenge- the Step It Up Challenge- for those who want to challenge themselves to walk at least 750,000 steps over 91 days (an average of 8,241 steps a day). Watch your name rise on the leaderboard throughout this challenge and the top 3 finishers (based upon total steps) will be rewarded with a donation to their charity of choice.

There are also additional monthly challenges to help motivate and engage with your employees!