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The Midstate Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of lifelong learning. Our Chamber is involved in the education of our members and the education of students of all ages in our communities. We support lifelong learning initiatives that span all grade levels including college, professional and career development, adult education and more.

Member Business Education

  • To help members make better business decisions
  • related to subjects such as cutting-edge technologies and best practices
  • on regulatory and accounting topics
  • To better understand city, state and federal initiatives

Examples include:

  • Cradle to Career initiatives and support
  • Small business programs
  • Workshop and seminar series
  • Shorr, HOLA and YBLCT Education awards
  • School to business partnerships
  • Health and Wellness Council initatives

Community / Student Education

  • Support of early learning to develop strong minds
  • Involvement in middle and high school career fairs
  • Education of students to better prepare them for the workforce
  • To help students make career decisions

Examples include:

  • School – business partnerships
  • Early childhood development
  • Chamber staff & Chamber members speaking in classrooms
  • School professional development days
  • Relationships with high school career counselors
  • Sanford S. Shorr Education awards
  • Hispanic Members Outreach Committee education awards
  • Job shadowing / mentoring programs

To strengthen your current educational programs for employees in your organization, or to help develop the minds of students in our communities, the Midstate Chamber of Commerce is here. We have the connections to make our communities better places to live, work, learn and play! If you are not already a Chamber member, you can join today!