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2016 Chamber of Choice Video Testimonials
2018 Planning-Budgeting Guide of the Midstate Chamber
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2016 Chamber of Choice Video Testimonials

Chamber Members SPEAK OUT about the Midstate Chamber of Commerce!

We could tell you why your business should belong to the Midstate Chamber of Commerce, but we've asked our members to do the talking. Below you will find a series of short video clips, in the words of our members, that describe the Midstate Chamber.  Feel free to click the links below.

Any Midstate Chamber member is welcomed to submit their own video. The suggested formatting "guidelines" are at the bottom of this page...but the content is completely their own.  

The Chamber's Board of Directors and the Chamber's Marketing and Publicity Committee would like to thanks to all who have taken the time to talk about their experiences with the Midstate Chamber of Commerce.  We appreciate your words and your membership.

Theme                         Presented by...
Compilation-1               This is a "medley" of some of our members' videos
Events                          Dan Biagioni of Spice Catering
Business EXPO            Kevin Palladino of PALS Powerwashing
Activity                         Kerry Johnson of Cruise Planners
Exposure                      Lloyd Duggan of gL Market Research
ROI                               Richard Pendred of A & A Office Systems, Inc.
We invite any of our chamber members to submit a video describing why the Midstate Chamber is your Chamber of Choice!
FRAMEWORK / GUIDELINES for MEMBER video submissions
We have asked our members to submit short video testimonials to include in our Chamber of Choice Marketing Campaign.  It’s a nice promo piece for your company and a testimonial for the Midstate Chamber.  You can create your videos with your smart phones or laptop webcams!   It may take a few “practice takes” before you get it right, but we look forward to seeing and posting your creations.
General Guidelines are:
•      Be yourself – talk like you are talking to a friend about why the Midstate Chamber is your Chamber of Choice! 
•      Generally 20 seconds maximum time
•      Points to cover
o      Begin with your Name and Company Name
o      Feel free to wear something with your company name / logo on it or have your company banner in the background.
o      Message: here are a few ideas to get you going or focused on a talking point…our four pillars, the Midstate Chamber’s focus of work, is Education, Promotion, Networking, Leadership:
      How the chamber has helped your business.
      Why are you a member?
      Do you get a lot of business from fellow members?
      Were you attracted to our organization because of our activity level?
      Did you attend a workshop that helped you start or grow your business
      How has the chamber helped me find resources?
      I’m a better corporate citizen because…
      My Connections through Chamber Membership…
      The work the Chamber does in the community…
o      End with something like, “That’s why The Midstate Chamber is my / our CHAMBER OF CHOICE”
•      Email to: r.ford@midstatechamber.com              It’s that easy

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